untitled-1-png-1WHAT IS VIDEO ADS?

Video ads is one kind of advertising mode or ads which appear on the screen with images click that images it will redirect you to the destinated website or platform. advertiser can purchase the video inventory based on clicks an impress the public audience.


Pre-roll video ads is advertising on the online platform which is commercial video appear online
Video link are restored typically within 10 or 20 seconds on the video screen
Video ads forcefully ask to view the short content video it takes time to get skipped from it.


Linear video ads known as pre, mid and post roll ads,linear video ads take the fullscreen of the video player space ,they are linear run in sequential line with content the linear video as pre roll will appear as (ad video) and mid roll will appear as (video ad video) post roll will appear as (video ad) , the linear video ads 15 to 30 seconds doesn’t allow with fast forwarding the video.


Interactive video ads is an advertising tool which takes the fullspace or screen of the video player, in online while streaming or before or after the content played in the video player, when you pause the video they ask you to signing for newsletters, to download images they generally have the content of images ,the images or video will retain on the video player for 15 to 30 seconds .


Overlay video ads it runs on the video player simultaneously along with the content when you click on the overlayed video it will pause the content, open the overlaid ads in the fullscreen of the video player, generally It retains the video ads for 5 to 15 second on the online video.


Companion video ads are displayed in the webpage along with video player, often it will pop-up the image or banner ads to get access with that informations, persistent visual for a brand or product while the video is being watched, they can even insert the image static in rich media without getting access with video player.

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